Other Workshop 21 May - 05 June

A 16 day tour of the Exotic Silk Road including Uzbekistan, Kytgyzstan and Kazakhstan

An invitation from Peter Eastway...Travel photographers understand only too well the excitement of visiting a new country and searching for photographic opportunities. So I know you will understand my personal excitement when long time friend and European photo guide Mehmet Ozbalci suggested we visit the Silk Road and three new countries! Uzbekistan. Kytgyzstan. Kazakhstan. Or the ‘three Stans’ as Mehmet calls them. The Silk Road itself conjurs up visions of ancient trails and medieval discoveries. Ours will be just a small segment of the western end. After all, we only have 16 days, so rather than spending them all travelling, the idea is to experience as much of the three Stans as we can in some detail.

The Exotic Silk Road Photo Tour with Canson Infinity Ambassador Peter Eastway

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$9450 for 16 night tour


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